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Company Profile

The king of gemstones is a brokerage house that travels to the corners of the globe to attain the most rare and the highest quality gemstones. We have no interest in man made materials; we solely broker what is genuine.

Through years of learning the industry and exercising our purchasing power, we have strategically positioned ourselves ahead of the industry. We fully understand the basic principles involved in what is required to withhold the finest gems mother earth has to offer.

We follow a strict mandate to bring our clients the best stone or stones for the best price. Keystone rules of the industry are followed closely. Until we reach a point of maturity with each individual client, we insist that a third party professional gemologist certify and appraise the goods to be purchased before each transaction. This is for the protection of both parties.

Your satisfaction will be our guarantee.

Please call for all your questions. The answers will follow.

Overview of the Gemstone Industry

This is an industry that has separated social classes and has been more closely linked to international currency than any other non-monetary commodity. We clearly understand the difference between a stone, a commercial gem, and a fine world class gemstone.

It is a very simple equation. Carat weight, clarity, color, and cut define the value of a stone. The rare stones, the higher quality stones, large stones, and stones that have been crafted by mankind to reflect their optimal crystal reflection (through proper cuts and facets), are the stones that are preferred. It is much easier to place a higher value on a unique stone that is not like the buckets of others that are mined, but not appreciated, because of their lesser quality or smaller size.